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Today In History: May 15th

May 15, 2018 Joshua Samuel

1930: First female flight attendant takes to the air. Ellen E. Church becomes the first female flight attendant on a 20-hour flight from Oakland/San Francisco to Chicago with 13 stops and 14 passengers, on a Boeing 80A. 1940: McDonald’s fast food restaurant opens McDonald’s starts with two brothers from New {Read More..}

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Today In History: May 14th

May 14, 2018 Joshua Samuel

1643: Louis XIV becomes King of France Louis XIV becomes King of France at age 4 after the death of his father, Louis XIII. 1796: First smallpox vaccine tested Edward Jenner, an English doctor, tests the world’s first vaccine for smallpox on an eight-year-old boy, James Phipps. Until then, smallpox {Read More..}

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21 Dead After Dam Destruction In Kenya

May 10, 2018 Joshua Samuel

A dam burst in Kenya following quite a while of exuberant rain, releasing a downpour of water that crushed into two towns executing no less than 21 individuals and causing “gigantic annihilation,” protection services and government authorities said. The walls of the Patel dam, situated over a slope in Nakuru {Read More..}

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Today In World History May 2

May 2, 2018 Joshua Samuel

1519: Leonardo da Vinci dies One of the most iconic and influential figures from the renaissance period, Italian artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci dies at the age of 67 at the Clos Lucé chateau in Amboise, France. 1952: World’s first jet airliner embarks on maiden flight The de Havilland {Read More..}

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10 Dead 15 Injured In Toronto Crash (Details Inside)

April 24, 2018 Joshua Samuel

A rented van ran down a crowded Toronto sidewalk yesterday (Monday), killing 10 people and injuring 15 before the driver fled and was quickly arrested in a confrontation with police, Canadian authorities said. Witnesses said the driver was moving fast and appeared to be acting deliberately, but police officials would {Read More..}

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Today In World History- April 19th

April 19, 2018 Joshua Samuel

1971: First space station is launched The Soviet Union launches Salyut 1. The space station orbited the Earth 3,000 times over a period of 175 days before it was guided to a crash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 1982: NASA names first woman astronaut NASA selects Sally Ride {Read More..}

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Former US First Lady, Barbra Bush Dies At Age 92

April 18, 2018 Blessing Awobifa

Barbara Bush, the wife of one former president and mother of another, died at the age of 92 on Tuesday. The former First Lady and former President George H.W. Bush had the longest-lasting marriage in presidential history 73 years. Bush had reportedly been in failing health, and her husband’s office released {Read More..}