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Why Stay Focused on Your Vision Health?

With age, vision tends to change. Both men and women are susceptible to developing more of age-related eye issues. However, the leading optometrist state that vision normal is not actually related to aging. Rather, it can be prevented, treatable and not inevitable. But healthy aging is vital to ensure good vision. The priority is to maintain its functional ability. Majority of the health issues are related to well-being. But loss of vision can be impactful as it affects significantly independence especially of older adults.

Reasons for vision loss

It can be result from lack of proper and timely treatment for various eye conditions. It may even develop as some secondary condition if another disease is poorly managed, untreated or left undiagnosed. In case, such issues are not addressed, then people in huge numbers are likely to develop moderate to severe vision loss. By 2050, the number is expected to be a whopping 61%. This is quite alarming and requires people of all ages to visit their nearest optometrist to get immediate treatment for eye conditions.

Significance of Blood sugar

Eye diseases can be prevented by treating hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). High blood sugar tends to affect those suffering from chronic highs, diabetes and pre-diabetes conditions. If neglected, it may lead to developing problems arising in the eye’s tiny blood vessels, lens and optic nerve. People suffering from diabetes and pre-diabetes may get affected by two eye diseases like cataracts and glaucoma.

(Years lived-with Disability) YLD

It is rather defined as years that one has lived especially in less-than-ideal health conditions. High blood sugar is said to have contributed towards 9% YLDs in 2019 resulting from cataracts. Again, glaucoma caused 10% YLDs. By addressing high blood sugar, it would have been possible to prevent several thousands of glaucoma YLDs across the globe. Also, it could be managed by practicing healthy eating, regular monitoring and daily exercise.

Vision Loss – Not Inevitable

Healthy aging is a vital concept that should every person should be aware of and research upon. It is necessary to understand how it is relevant with vision loss. It is possible to prevent loss of vision by taking care of certain risk factors like high blood sugar. Also, proper and timely treatment will be essential from the certified optometrist including effective management of diabetes. It also includes screening for various types of disease complications. It is necessary to understand that loss of vision is not inevitable with the aging process.

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