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New Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration Available at University of Phoenix

Individuals who are interested in studying a degree with University of Phoenix’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences now have another program to consider.

In October 2022, the College launched a brand-new program, a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration (BSPA). This degree program can prepare students for government careers at federal, state and local levels, not to mention careers with non-profit organizations.

Some of the careers the new program can prepare individuals for include roles as a program manager, operations manager, non-profit manager, regulatory affairs manager, general manager and community outreach coordinator.

The New Bachelor of Science in Public Administration Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Public Administration degree program will see students develop skills in public finance and budgeting, civic leadership, human resources, communication, law and policy, ethics, research and planning and public programs. By developing these skills, students can gain the expertise they need to positively impact communities during their later careers.

To complete this degree program, students must earn 120 credits, and the program length is four years. Like many of University of Phoenix’s programs, the degree program is available to study online. This way, students all over the U.S. can make the most of this program and study around their other commitments such as work and childcare. Many of the University’s students are working adults, so offering flexible routes to learning is a priority for the University.

With flexibility in mind, students can study the program courses one at a time, with each course taking five weeks to complete. An academic counselor will help each student schedule their courses. What’s more, all students will have access to a team of advisors, career tools and resources that are available 24/7 and networking and mentorship opportunities.

Developing Industry-Relevant Skills

University of Phoenix enriches its programs with opportunities that allow students to gain practical skills that should be relevant to their future careers.

Rather than simply learning the theories that apply to a given industry, students engage in career-relevant practices and learn from faculty who have industry experience. The average University of Phoenix faculty member has over 27 years of experience and can help students prepare for real-world careers.

The University also offers skills-tagged curriculums, which means it designs curriculums to help students gain industry-relevant skills. The University awards students with digital badges when they master practical skills. These badges act as a quantifiable measurement of a student’s abilities, which they can share with employers on job applications after acquiring them from the online platform Credly.

The University has mapped each course on the Public Administration degree program to three skills and skill outcomes that students can learn. When developing the program, the University collaborated with labor market researchers to identify industry-relevant skills and ensure students shape these skills during their studies. Students will have opportunities to demonstrate their new industry-relevant skills in their coursework.

Preparing for Government, Public and Not-for-Profit Roles

Christina Neider, Ed.D, University of Phoenix’s dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, explained that the new degree program can help students gain a firm grasp of public policy. Ideal candidates for this degree program will likely feel passionate about making a quantifiable positive impact on society in government, public and non-profit roles.

Core courses for this degree program include Foundations of Public Administration, Public Sector Communications, The Public Policy Environment, Personnel Management, Public Budgeting and Intergovernmental Relations, among several others.

A Gateway to Accessible Degree Programs

University of Phoenix offers generous transfer policies that allow students to enroll for accessible degree programs.

For example, students can collect credits to cover up to 75 percent of their bachelor’s degree. Students may apply for college credit that recognizes their prior learning experiences such as military experience, on-the-job training or workplace certifications.

The University doesn’t charge to assess students’ applications for prior learning credit, and students who secure this credit can save money on their degree programs and complete their degrees faster.

Learn more about University of Phoenix’s Bachelor of Science in Public Administration degree.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix advances the educational goals of adult and nontraditional learners and supports students as they navigate the career options and degree programs that best meet their interests. These degree programs align with numerous career paths including in cybersecurity, nursing and business. Each student can benefit from several scholarship opportunities, flexible start dates and online classes, which the University offers so anyone can earn the degree they desire. Additionally, the University’s Career Services for Life® commitment for active students and graduates provides these individuals with access to the resources needed to be prepared when entering the workforce for no additional charge. Such resources include resume and interview support, career guidance, and education and networking opportunities. Find more information at

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