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Neora Built to Win Executives Reveal Their Secrets to Overcoming Unprecedented Business Challenges

In the debut episode of the “Built to Win” podcast, the executive team of Neora, including Amber Olson Rourke, Jeff Olson, Deborah Hees, and Dave Fleming, engage in a candid discussion about the critical attributes of effective leadership and the extraordinary challenges they faced as a company.

Amber Olson Rourke, the co-founder and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Neora, sets the tone by explaining what it means to be “built to win”—possessing the necessary values, mindset, attitude, skills, and work ethic to tackle any obstacle. She introduces her esteemed co-hosts, who have diverse backgrounds and will share their personal and professional experiences.

Jeff Olson, a renowned thought leader and bestselling author of “The Slight Edge,” emphasizes the importance of developing the right mindset and philosophical foundation for leadership. He believes that the accurate measure of a leader is their ability to inspire others to take actions they would not have taken otherwise. Olson credits Neora’s resilience during challenging times to the company’s core values, which served as the guiding principles for the team.

Deborah Hees, the co-founder and CEO of Live Happy and former Editor-in-Chief of Success Magazine, echoes the significance of personal integrity and fostering a culture of trust, transparency, and compassion within the team. She attributes Neora’s ability to accomplish seemingly unimaginable goals to the strong foundation they had built together.

Dave Fleming, an internationally recognized executive, highlights that authentic leadership is more about mindset than specific skills. He emphasizes the importance of being willing to step up and solve problems, even when the path forward is unclear. Fleming’s decision to join Neora’s team during their historic battle was driven by his belief in the team’s integrity and commitment to doing the right thing.

The conversation then delves into the unprecedented challenge Neora faced – a seven-year battle that no other executive team had successfully navigated. Amber Olson Rourke describes this as the “road untraveled,” as there were no precedents or playbooks to follow. The team’s mental grit, resilience, and support from their community were crucial in sustaining them throughout this arduous journey.

Deborah Hees and Jeff Olson share the personal strategies that kept them going during this prolonged battle, such as maintaining a positive mindset, prioritizing family and individual well-being, and never wavering in their belief that they were doing the right thing. Olson also emphasizes the importance of simplifying and minimizing distractions to stay focused on the task.

The episode concludes with the promise of unveiling the details of Neora’s historic battle in the next episode, leaving the listeners eagerly anticipating the revelation of this unprecedented business challenge and the Neora team’s triumphant journey.

Throughout the conversation, the Neora executives demonstrate the hallmarks of authentic leadership – unwavering commitment, a solid moral compass, and the ability to navigate complex challenges with resilience and grace. Their story promises to offer valuable insights for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and anyone aspiring to build a success mindset “made for the long run.”

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