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Innovations in Wall Hung Toilet Technology: Smart and Stylish

Wall hung toilets, also known as wall-mounted toilets, have grown in popularity over the past few years. Unlike traditional floor-mounted toilets that sit on the ground, wall hung toilets attach directly to the wall, hovering above the floor.

This sleek, minimalist look is part of what makes them an on-trend choice. But beyond aesthetics, new wall hung toilet technology advancements also make them an increasingly smart and practical option for bathrooms.

Benefits of Wall Hung Toilets

Space Saving Design

One of the major advantages of wall hung toilets is their space-saving design. With the tank and bowl mounted on the wall rather than taking up floor space, wall hung toilets open up precious square footage in the bathroom. This allows for a cleaner, more open layout in small or awkward bathrooms.

Easy Cleaning

In addition to opening up physical space, wall-mounted toilets are much easier to clean. Floor-mounted toilets have crevices between the base and the floor that can harbour dirt and grime. In contrast, a wall hung toilet has a smooth bottom with no cracks or edges for buildup. Simply sweeping or vacuuming underneath takes care of most basic cleaning needs.

Customizable Height

Installing a wall-mounted toilet allows you to place the seat height exactly where you want it. The lack of floor support means the toilet can be modified to any height, allowing for a comfortable experience for people of all ages and abilities. Standard floor-mounted toilets do not offer this level of flexibility.

Smart Tech Features

Along with their contemporary style and practical bathroom benefits, many new wall hung toilets boast smart tech capabilities. High-end models incorporate features like heated seats, automatic opening and closing lids, ambient mood lighting, and hands-free flushing. These innovations move far beyond the basics to provide an ultra-luxurious toilet experience.

Smart Flushing Systems

Integrated Bidets

An integrated bidet is one of the most popular smart features in modern wall hung toilets. A bidet is a nozzle built directly into the toilet that provides cleaning and personal hygiene water. Adding an external bidet used to mean further cluttering up the bathroom space. But today’s wall-mounted smart toilets have bidets seamlessly built into the design.

Water-Saving Flush Options

Environmental impact is another driver of technological change. To reduce water usage, innovative wall hung toilets include dual flush systems that give users options for lighter liquid flushes vs. fuller solid flushes. Smart flushing mechanisms sense the type of waste and only use as much water as needed for each flush.

Touchless Flushing

Beyond dual flush, some smart wall hung toilets also incorporate touchless flushing technology. Motion sensors detect when a user leaves the toilet and use infrared light to identify whether the bowl contains liquid or solid waste. The toilet then initiates the appropriate flush automatically, without anyone touching a lever or button.

Heated Seats and Automatic Lids

Soft Close Lids

While not technically “smart,” soft close lids are an upscale feature gaining popularity in wall hung toilets. Hydraulic hinges gently slow the toilet lid as it lowers, preventing loud slamming noises. Soft close lids reduce disruption from bathroom breaks and avoid cracked porcelain over time.

Self-Closing Lids

For the height of hands-free convenience, motion-activated self-closing lids take this a step beyond. Built-in sensors trigger the lid to close slowly once the user steps away. No need to stop and manually close the lid yourself.

Heated Seats

Heated seats are a luxurious detail that makes using the bathroom a more comfortable experience during chilly weather. Contemporary wall-mounted toilets allow users to warm the seat anywhere from 95 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an especially desirable feature for families with children and elderly relatives using the same bathroom.

Ambient Mood Lighting

Soothing Night Lights

Some high-tech wall hung toilets incorporate customizable mood lighting to set a calming ambiance in the bathroom. Usually integrated into the tank’s base, these night lights provide gentle illumination in shades like yellow, blue, green, red, or purple. Users can select the hue that best suits their mood.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Along with mood lighting, motion-activated night lights are another popular feature. These sensor-triggered lights automatically turn on when someone enters the bathroom and turn off again after a set interval with no motion detected. This provides guidance and visibility for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.

Looking to the Future

Wall hung toilet technology continues to advance rapidly with innovations on the horizon like:

  • Expanded Health Analytics: Beyond flushing, future smart toilets may track wider health data inputs through integrated urine and stool analysis. The software could monitor biometrics for early disease detection or nutrition recommendations.
  • AI Integration: As machine learning algorithms progress, smart toilets may utilize AI to study individual user habits and make personalized suggestions to improve posture, diet and health based on your usage data.


With their clean lines and smaller footprint, wall hung toilets are a design-forward alternative to traditional floor-mounted options. Modern innovations in flushing efficiency, personal comfort, and smart home connectivity make them practical for everyday use. If you’re remodelling or designing a new bathroom, consider a wall-mounted smart toilet at the forefront of style and tech.

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