This advertising policy details the agreement between GET247NEWS and any individual/sponsor wishing to advertise with GET247NEWS through any of its media including but not limited to the website, newsletter, social media, inserts, etc.

GET247NEWS has no obligation to run any ad from an advertiser unless the advertising copy and all of its components (including illustrations, claims, photos, etc.) has first been reviewed and accepted by GET247NEWS. Ads that are considered objectionable, contain sexual material or appear fraudulent will not be accepted, and such is at the sole discretion of GET247NEWS.

Advertisements that have been accepted and are later found to be objectionable or fraudulent will be removed from GET247NEWS. The advertiser will not receive a refund on advertisements that are misleading or fraudulent. Fraudulent ads include, but are not limited to, advertisements that offer a product or service which is not delivered, advertisements which claims cannot be substantiated or are exaggerated; advertisements which mislead people into buying something other than the advertised product or service.

Rates listed on our advertising page or media kit are not guaranteed for future advertising purchases unless a proper advertising insertion order has been signed and agreed to by GET247NEWS and advertiser.

No refunds will be given after the advertising start date. Start date is the date the ad is scheduled to run in the agreed outlet(s). Cancellations previous to the start date by advertiser or representative are not effective until confirmed by GET247NEWS.

The positioning of advertisements is at the discretion of GET247NEWS except where a request for a specific position is accepted as part of the advertising sale. All ads are sold on a first come, first serve basis, so until payment is received the ad is available for purchase.

All links that stem from an advertisement or sponsored conversation will have the “nofollow” attribute added to it so that it is in compliance with Google’s guidelines and policies.

GET247NEWS makes no guarantees in regards to ads placed on this website, this also includes, but is not limited to our newsletter, social media channels, and inserts. GET247NEWS will not be held responsible for any consequences or outcomes by placing advertisements with us.

GET247NEWS only promotes advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers.

By placing any and all advertising orders with GET247NEWS, the advertiser agrees to the above advertising policy.