White woman beaten on commercial airline for using racist slur- Video

A white woman was beaten, chocked and slapped on an American Airlines flight yesterday, Get247News has learned after a black woman accused her of using racist slurs at her.

The unfortunate incident took place yesterday, on a domestic flight somewhere in the United States.

It all began when a White female passenger, who seems to be drunk, began saying all sorts of gibberish and nonsense to the black woman sitting next to her – who happens to be an African American – According to the black woman, she claims that the White woman used the N-word on the male flight attendant.”

The black woman, of course, defended her own and began to yell at the intoxicated passenger over her use of the racist slur.

Then without hesitation, the White woman calls the Black woman a ‘n*gg*r” and that’s when she got really mad.

According to the information reaching us from the American airline, both ladies still had a minor session of exchanging abusive words towards each other before going their separate ways and the white woman according to the American airline seems to be suffering from depression which is what triggered her ferociousness and lack of disrespect towards the black woman.

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