Famous You-tuber arrested for molestation- Details and video Inside

A famous travel blogger Miko Worldwide has been caught in a police web and is currently been charged with multiple counts of molestation against little boys, Get247News has confirmed.

Miko was apprehended in Columbia after American authorities tipped off the government in Columbia so they could nap him. According to the information reaching us, Miko was charged with child molestation in Georgia, but ran away before he could get caught.

While on a self-imposed exile, Miko traveled through Latin America to record and upload his Youtube videos. Mind you, some of his videos have gone viral with some amassing over 500,000 views. According to the information reaching us, the Police suspects that while Miko was traveling the world, he also might have been molesting underaged male kids in the developing countries he visited.

More information reaching us also is that the American “gave narcotics to a 10-year-old boy, abused him sexually, and tied his feet and arms to the trunk of a car.” Also, the Youtuber left that country and made a round trip to other countries where he made videos on “charitable works.”

He is backed with just 30,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and currently different international authorities have begun serious investigations as to whether his major reason for embarking on this worldwide cruise is to contact children and adolescents for sexual purposes,”.

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