President Trump might have contacted the Coronavirus

There’s a new report reaching us now, that says that the President of the United States Donald Trump is “likely” to be infected with the coronavirus.

This not good for the United States President because GET247NEWS has learned that Trump is even at a higher risk for developing major complications if he’s indeed positive.

President Trump stands for some major risk factors because he’s on the obese side and according to researchers in China, people on the fat side are at high risk of developing complications if tested positive with the virus. President Donald Trump weighs more than 320 pounds and is 5’10 and according to the CDC calculator, he is 50% body fat and considered “very obese.”

Secondly, he is 72 years old. Doctors say that the elderly – defined as those over 70 – are at a much higher risk of death or becoming seriously ill.

Third, he’s a man. The disease is a lot more severe in men than in women. Researchers don’t know why, but the epidemiological reports are clear – men face more complications than women.

Finally, the president has a serious heart disease. The last publicly available cardio calcium report of Trump showed that he had extensive heart disease. So much so, that he now takes daily medication to keep it at bay.

So what are his chances of death or serious outcome for the President – VERY high. Some doctors on social media estimate that if the President did contract the disease there was a 50% chance or more of a serious complication that required hospitalization.



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