Man Apprehended for attempting to spread coronavirus on subway

A European man was apprehended a few days ago and charged with allegedly attempting to spread coronavirus in a public train. Get247news has confirmed that this rather unfortunate incident happened in Belgium.

Local authorities arrested a man who was caught on video removing his protective anti-viral face mask, licking his fingers and then wiping them on a subway pole.

The video of the incident viral quickly and has been watched on social media over 350,000 times,

Local authorities revealed that the man was “drunk.” They further stated that – as a result of the man’s actions – the train was withdrawn from being used again and is currently undergoing disinfection,

It has not been revealed whether or not the man was infected with the coronavirus. According to local laws, authorities are not permitted to release medical details about persons accused of crimes. Belgium now has more than 556 cases of coronavirus.

Here is the video that has people up in arms:

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