Lil Wayne is ageing badly -Pics

American music icon, Lil Wayne has been addicted to hard drugs for more than a decade and now it appears to be taken a toll on him.

The rapper was pictured in Saudi Arabia while he was performing at a concert during the weekend, and he looked like a man who has already hit sixty. In case you’re not aware, Wayne is just 37 years old.

Here is the image of Wayne looking VERY old:

A seizure that happened in 2015, almost claimed the rapper’s life. He was hospitalized for six days, and news reports said the rapper was “on his death bed.”

Two more seizures occurred in June 2016, during a flight from Wisconsin to California. The medical emergency team asked the flight crew to land the airplane Omaha, Nebraska for assistance. In another two minutes, he had a third seizure which required the crew to land the plane in Omaha again.

Three weeks later, Lil Wayne had another seizure, and this occurred because he did not take his epilepsy medication.

Just recently, the Grammy award-winning rapper canceled a Las Vegas show on September 3, 2017, after suffering a seizure in a Chicago hospital earlier that day, where he was resuscitated after being found unconscious in a hotel room.