[VIDEO] There’s So Much Hate In The Music Industry, Mo’Cheddah Reveals

Nigerian music diva Mo’Cheddah who has been off the radar for some time has revealed on that at a particular point in her life she struggled with depression and almost ended her own life.

In a new episode of the DANGMonologues, Mo’Cheddah narrates the rise and fall of her music career, her battle with depression and learning the survival mode to always bank on oneself.

She opens up about being in the music industry as a 16-year old and how hostile the industry was.

She declared that she never knew hate till she came into the music industry, revealing that there is so much hate in the industry and that she was really hated by her much older colleagues, especially after she won the Channel O Music Award.

And in the second part of the clip, she revealed how she almost took her life but had to stop because she knew her death would terribly affect her husband who was then her boyfriend.

Watch the video: