I Will End Piracy In The Entertainment Industry If Elected In 2019- Atiku

In his recently released strategy record which has a conveyance course of events from 2019 to 2025, PDP presidential competitor, Atiku Abubakar, said that whenever chosen, he will execute policies that will cultivate the advancement of the entertainment industry and protect practitioners against theft and piracy

Atiku pledged to “enact right policies and legislation that will provide the latest infrastructure, financial and business development facilities.

“Provide specific finance and strategic support tailored to each segment of the entertainment industry”.

Atiku said his policy objective will be focused on demonstrating the potential of the entertainment and creative industry in Nigeria. The policy document further states that this is to contribute to economic growth and job creation, as well as providing a roadmap for the sector’s development.

The policy document seeks to “create interventions schemes focused on offering a subsidy to the creative arts industry in order to promote stand-alone businesses”.