Mourinho Accepts 1 year in Prison in Spanish Tax case


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has reportedly reached a deal with the Spanish tax authorities to serve one year in prison in a tax evasion case.

Mourinho is unlikely to serve any time in jail under the deal because Spanish law states that a sentence of under two years for a first offence can be served on probation.

He was accused of using offshore companies in Ireland, the British Virgin Islands and New Zealand to conceal his earnings, totalling around €3.3m – of which he has been fined 60%, which equates to €1.9m (£1.78m).

The sentence also carries a six-month prison sentence for each year, and Mourinho has now reportedly accepted a compliance agreement that prevents him from going to trial and commutes his prison sentence. The prosecuting court should be informed of the deal in the coming days, while first-time offenders in Spain do not serve sentences of two years or less.