Woman suffers stroke after her hair was washed 6 times, sues salon $1.2m

A British woman, Adele Burns, 47, has slammed a $1.2m court case against a beauty salon claiming that her hair being washed six times caused her to suffer a massive stroke.

Burns, who is a mother-of-two was left unable to speak, see or move 24 hours after her visit to the salon where stylists struggled to get her colour and cut right, reports Daily Mail.

Mrs Burns, who visited the salon as a treat paid from her husband, suffered a massive stroke she claims was caused by her head being repeatedly pulled backwards into the unpadded salon basin for shampoo and conditioning.

Her doctors claim the sink injured her neck, caused a clot and then stopped blood flowing to her brain – known as beauty parlour stroke syndrome.

She said; “my life has been turned upside-down from what was meant to be a rare day out. With backing from my doctors, there is no doubt in my mind the salon caused the stroke.”

Mrs Burns still struggles to speak, read, write and move as she tries to rebuild her life following her stroke.

The salon has declined to comment.