Serie A Ticket Hunting : CR7 EFFECT

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first game in Serie-A will be away against Chievo. They averaged 12,540 in a stadium that holds 39,371. Highest ever crowd at Bentegodi 23,700!

Chievo–they finished 13th last season–are charging their fans (non-season ticket holders) €50 for Curva tickets (normally €25) & €150 for the best seats (normally €65).

They are charging Juventus away fans €50 to (potentially) see Cristiano Ronaldo’s first game of 2018/19. Normal away price is €30.

This match will be the first match in Chievo’s history to have a sold-out match at the “Stadio Marcantonio Bentegodi”.

Another blatant money grab & fans already planning protests after Juventus increased their own prices by 35% before signing Ronaldo.

Despite an average 35% increase in the cost of season tickets, Juventus have sold out all of their 29,300 season tickets and have already collected €33m in revenues [€21.4m in 2017/18] from the Allianz Stadium.