God Has Removed Sand From Our Garri- Lai Mohammed

Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohamed said the deserting of some National Assembly individuals from the ruling All Progressives Congress had “uncovered the characteristics of deceivers.”

Mr. Mohammed depicted their exit as the “expulsion of stones from (APC’s) rice” and sieving of “sand from [its] garri.”

Mr. Mohammed said this while he went by the place where he grew up. Oro, Kwara State, on Sunday as individuals and supporters of the gathering invited him to the play area of Muslim Community Primary School, Oro, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

The minister who talked in Yoruba said:-

“Today is a special day. God has answered our prayers by exposing our political traitors.
“God has removed stones from our rice and sands in our garri,”
“We are here today to assure that it is a new dispensation in Kwara APC politics. We are at home today to assure you that the party will be re-organised and re-positioned.
“By exposing the enemies and traitors in our fold, God has given us the opportunities that we have been looking for to re-position our party.
“These are people who had never given us peace and progress.
“Today, by the grace of God and with your support, APC will wax stronger in Kwara. What is in the offing is a mega party.”
“The party belongs to you all. We, therefore, reassure you that God is with us and the people of Kwara are with us.
“Since the day they decamped, you can see those who have come to our camp are more than those who left,” he said.
The minister appealed to the members and party supporters to give new entrants a chance.
He assured that the new dispensation would allow level playing ground devoid of candidate imposition or godfather syndrome.