TBoss Celebrates Mother With Beautiful Birthday Message

Reality Tv star, model, and actress, TBoss has taken to social media to celebrate her beautiful mother who is a year older today.

Posting the photo below, Tboss penned a heartwarming message alongside which reads thus;

I know everyone would say ‘My mother is the Best’ & they’re probably right BUT the truth is – My Mother is without a shadow of a doubt The Absof*$kinglutely BEST & that’s why in times like these, I’m sad. Yes, I am. Because I’m searching so hard to find photos of us but alas there are only a handful coz I’m just always away & times like this I really wish I was there with you celebrating your Special day! But I hope you know that I shall be there in spirit & I wish you all the very Best, today and pentru totdeauna🙏🏽. God continue to Bless you & keep you in sound mind and may you live long & happy & in good health to see All our babies & beyond. I love you today & Forever💋💋💋. Guys please, help me wish my Superwoman a Happy Happy Birthday 🙏🏽. Thanks 😊