Falana set to sue state AG’s and AGF


LEGAL luminary, Mr. Femi Falana, during the weekend, said he would soon file a lawsuit against Attorney General of the Federation and the state Attorney Generals to compel them to prosecute all the agents of death in the country.

During the 3rd Annual Registry Lecture Series held at Elizade University, Ilara Mokin, in Ondo state on the theme: ‘University Autonomy in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges.’

He said: “With respect to the killings in the country, I am suing the Attorney General of the Federation and the state Attorney Generals with a view to compelling them to prosecute all the merchants of death in our country.

“Specifically, I want them charged with illegal possession of firearms because I have established that they have no licenses to their arms.

“We also want them charged with culpable homicide or murder, kidnapping, armed robbery and the like.

“If we do not address the impunity with which these killings are carried out, we will not get to the end of them. This is the essence of that case, to challenge the government to be alert to its responsibilities.”

On disobedience to the court order by the Federal Government, Falana said: “The disobedience to court order is alien to democratic practice.

“It perhaps more painful to me than most Nigerian lawyers because I got court orders obeyed under successive military regimes in our country, including under the Buhari-Idiagbon junta.

“To now witness a situation whereby court orders are now treated with disdain by a civilian government is simply unacceptable.

“We are taking steps to ensure that the order granting bail to Col Sambo Dasuki (retd) is complied with, we are taking steps to ensure that the order for the release of Sheik Ibrahim El Zakyzaky and his wife is complied with.

“In the case of the journalist that is being detained illegally, John Sabi, we have gone to court.

“And I can assure you, it is not that the government disregards all court orders, the government picks and chooses which court orders to obey and which one to disobey. But we want to ensure that the rule of law is fully established in our country.”

Earlier in his remarks, Chairman of the occasion, the Vice-chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, Prof Eyitayo Ogunbodede said many public Universities could not access the TETfund grant because they have not accounted for the one they have already accessed.

Also speaking, the Registrar of Elizade University, Omololu Adegbenro said that the imperial almightiness of the education regulatory bodies in the country and their draconian straight jacketed rules and procedures are due for an overhaul. He also challenged universities in the country to access the N600 billion lying fallow in the TETfund account.