Serena Williams Revealed Why Her Father Did Not Come For Her Wedding


Tennis star and world champion, Serena Williams has revealed she found out her father, Richard Williams wasn’t walking her down the aisle on her wedding day via text.

Serena who is married to Alexis Ohanian revealed this in the third episode of the HBO documentary Being Serena that Richard told her via text just one hour before the ceremony that he didn’t feel able to escort her on her wedding day.

She explained, “But then he wrote me and said: ‘Serena, I don’t want you to be mad at me, but I just can’t walk you down the aisle. I’m not myself anymore. I’m just too nervous.’ ”

Serena said she reacted with complete understanding, writing back, “Daddy, it’s okay, if you don’t want to come to the wedding at all, that’s okay too. I’m not going to be upset with you about it, so I don’t want you to be upset about it.

Serena ended up walking down the aisle at the Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans solo as violinists performed “How Far I’ll Go” from the movie Moana.