Today In History: May 14th


1643: Louis XIV becomes King of France

Louis XIV becomes King of France at age 4 after the death of his father, Louis XIII.

1796: First smallpox vaccine tested

Edward Jenner, an English doctor, tests the world’s first vaccine for smallpox on an eight-year-old boy, James Phipps. Until then, smallpox was a lethal disease that had claimed the lives of millions of people.

1904: First summer Olympic Games

St. Louis, Missouri, hosts the third Olympiad of the modern era and the first Olympic Games in America. The event is held in conjugation with the St. Louis World Exposition.

1940: WWII – Battle of Netherlands ends

The Battle of Netherlands ends soon after the heavy and devastating bombing by the German Luftwaffe (Air warfare unit) and their threat to bomb other major Dutch cities. The battle lasted from 10th May 1940 until the surrender of Dutch forces on the 14th May.

1998: Frank Sinatra Dies

The greatest singer in American pop history and known for songs such as “My Way” and “Fly Me To The Moon,” Frank Sinatra, dies of a heart attack.