Benue Killings: Sen. Umeh Reveals What Might Happen Next


Senator speaking to Anambra Central Senatorial area, Victor Umeh, has cautioned of approaching religious emergency in Nigeria, if no prompt move is made to stop criminal assaults.

Responding to the murder of 2 ministers and 17 worshippers at a Catholic Church in Gwer East Local Government Area of Benue State in a movement supported by Senator George Akume, Umeh said slaughtering of Nigerians has reached a religious dimension

According to him, there are a concerted attackson churches and mosques in order to stoke religious crisis and that is going to be very dangerous for the nation.
“Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, criminals now stoke religious crisis and this is a new dimension to killings in Nigeria”
“Religion is a volatile aspect and if people could be killed in churches and mosques, and nobody is arrested by security operatives, then, we should watch out for religious war, if nothing is done.”
“As I speak, there is a bitter pain within the Catholic community because we value priests as next to God, and I think Mr. President, something must be done.”

he way Senator Dino was hunted down by policemen makes mockery of what happened in Benue state, thinking that by now, arrests would have been made.”
“If Churches and mosques are not protected and this killings continue, there would be an implosion in this country.”
He called on President Buhari to give maximum attention to security, saying that it was not enough to make condemnation pronouncements when killing takes place.