What Will Happen If Buhari Wins 2019 Presidential Elections- Dalung


The Minister of Sports and Youth Development, Solomon Dalung, has uncovered what they would do if President Muhammad Buhari loses the 2019 presidential election.

Dalung said they will acknowledge the result of the election and benevolently advise the President to use the exit door.

The Minister, who spoke with BBC Hausa, said, “We will tell him this is the time God has decreed that his tenure will be elapsed. We will tell him he has played his part and posterity will judge him. Dalung, in any case, said that the President was still the best candidate for the 2019 presidential election.

Asked whether Buhari would win second term, he stated, “I not God. No one but God can decide that.” He said those restricting Buhari were doing as such in light of the fact that he has declined to respect their narrow minded requests.

“They are subsequent to sharing the national cake and on the grounds that he can’t, he (Baba) has failed.” The Minister said those platitude the President was protecting in government are grievers who can’t give proofs on charged offenses.

The Sports Minister said that within the time frame the President has handled the security challenges upsetting the nation. “As everywhere throughout the world individuals are being murdered, Nigeria isn’t an exemption. Each nation has its own curious difficulties,” he announced


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  1. Dalong to you buhari is the best because he appointed you as minister and you if he loses you loose all so ,now listen Buhari is worst leader Nigeria ever has he is a curse to Nigeria by the special Grace of God he has failed and continued to be failed in 2019

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