Evil Parents Repeatedly Rapes Their 12- Year-Old Daughter


A mum and dad have been jailed for repeatedly raping their own 12-year-old daughter.The couple forced their child to endure ‘threesomes’, and the young girl was tortured with a sex toy. The perverted parents claimed they were training their daughter for adult life. The abuse have been going on since December 2016 until march 2017. The girl did not tell anyone what was happening because she was afraid of the reaction of her parents.

The couple were “stripped of their parental rights”, and the child – now 13 – is undergoing rehabilitation more than a year after her appalling ordeal. She was put into care when her parents were detained.

As reported in mirror, Natalia Kunitskaya, an official with the Russian Investigative Committee, said: “Psychological and psychiatric analysis conducted in the course of the investigation unambiguously established that both parents were of sane mind. They fully comprehended their actions while committing their extremely serious crimes against their own child”.

Law enforcement sources say the couple turned their daughter into their “sex slave”. The father is accused of raping the girl – often with the mother in the same bed – “every other day”. The girl’s horrific ordeal came to light after she went to a doctor with “problems concerning her periods”. The medics discovered that she was “not a virgin”. The child told investigators about the sexual abuse she suffered, it was reported.

The couple then confessed to the horrific sexual abuse they inflicted on their child. They believed ”it was better for the child to lose her virginity with her own father” than learn details of sexual life in other ways, said reports citing law enforcement sources ahead of the trial. Her mother admitted her daughter was made to take part in “threesomes” with her and her husband.

The mother Olga Ashaev was sent to a penal colony for 15 years, while her husband Dmitry was sentenced to 17 years.