OMG!!! Indian Man Kept Mothers’ Dead Body In Deep Freezer For 3 years.

A leather technologist Subhabrato Majumdar, has been detained by Kolkata police on Wednesday night after he was found living with his mother’s body that he had preserved in a refrigerator at his house for the past 3 years.

Subhabrata Majumdar’s mother Bina died on April 7, 2015 in a private nursing home. But Majumdar applied ‘mummification’ techniques to preserve her body in a commercial freezer used to store ice-cream and frozen food in stores.

Majumdar has been detained from his two-storey house in Behala on the southern fringes of Kolkata by officers from the local station and the Kolkata homicide department, who were tipped – off on the incident. it was gathered that Majumdar’s father Gopal, also lives in the the same apartment as with the son.

“Subhabrata Majumdar has been withdrawing money from the mothers’ pension account with her debit card using her thumb impression since 2015. “We are investigating why the bank kept the pension account alive for the past three years without life certificates,” Nilanjan Biswas, deputy commissioner of Kolkata Police told reporters.

 The police also discovered that Majumdar had removed the internal organs from his mother’s body for preservation. “Chemicals like formaldehyde were used for preservation.

People in the neighborhood said that the Majumdars kept aloof and did not mix with anyone in the neighborhood. The suspicions grew when a high-tonnage air conditioning machine was installed in the vacant first floor. The machine used to run all the time, the neighbors told police.

The 90- years old father is also being questioned.