Doctors Remove Knife From Man’s Brain Who Was Stabbed During A Rough Fight

A group of doctors in South Africa has successfully removed a knife from a 23-year-old man’s brain who was stabbed In the left eye during a tavern fight. According to a witness he was enjoying drinks at a tavern in Magogoe close to Mahikeng when a fight broke out and he was stabbed in the left high eye at the time this unfortunate episode occurred.  while the self made sharp knife was still stuck in his brain, he was quickly rushed to an hospital where a neurosurgeon and his team of experts carried out an operation to remove the knife.

According to Polaki Mokastine, the CEO of the hospital he was taken to “It was a very complex surgery” as a CT scan showed the sharp side of the knife being buried in the brain while the handle was stock outside. The surgery took 5 hours to be completed successfully according to the doctors. The patient underwent craniotomy where a portion of his skull was opened. The knife was gently removed so as to prevent internal bleeding or injuries to the structure of the brain. 

The doctors further revealed that the patient’s left eye vision was not damaged, and that he was very lucky the object did not cut through the major carotid arteries or injured the brain stem, if it did he could have lost his life.