Today in World History (March, 27th)

On March 27, 1998, exactly 20 years ago today, the United State’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Viagra.

Men in the United States and eventually around other parts of the world got a boost when a drug that was intended to treat high blood pressure was found to increase blood flow to other parts of the body and ultimately boost their sexual health.

Thousands of men who were previously pronounced sexually dysfunctional on taking the blue pill not only got back on track, but felt much more re-energized at that specific area of their life and relationships.

As to be expected, Viagra’s massive success was practically instantaneous. According to records, in the first year alone, the $8-$10 pills yielded about a billion dollars in sales.

Viagra’s impact on the pharmaceutical and medical industries, as well as on the public consciousness, was also enormous, although the drug remains only available by prescription.