13-Year-Old Almajiri in Gombe Had Hands Amputated, Govnor Says State Will Pay Medical Bill

The Gombe State Government has said it would foot the medical bill of a 13-year-old Almajiri boy, Zubairu Yusha’u, who had his two hands amputated as punishment by a proprietor of his Islamic Tsangaya School in Gombe for stealing a phone.

The state Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Dankwambo, made the pronouncement through the state’s Commissioner of Justice, Malam Abdulhamid Ibrahim, when he visited the Federal Teaching Hospital in Gomber where the said Almajiri boy, Yusha’u was admitted.

According to the Governor, the amputee deserved adequate provision to become useful in life.

He clarified that the intention of his administration in rebuilding the schools is to combine both Islamic and Western education.

The father of the victim, Malam Yusha’u Abubakar, expressed immense appreciation to the Governor for the gesture.

The Proprietor of the Tsangaya school, 50 year-old Malam Suraj Mohammed who in an attempt to punish the Almajiri boy lead to the amputation, had explained what transpired thus –

 “An Almajiri pupil under my care committed a crime by stealing a phone, when the matter was reported to me, I pressed him and he admitted that he stole the phone and hid it in a refuse dump site. The phone was later found in the location he described to us, but we couldn’t find the battery and the SIM card.

He attempted to run away and escape punishment and therefore I used a rope to bound him and prevent him from running away. Afterwards, my attention was needed at my private house, which far away from the Tsangaya.

When I returned after an hour, I was told that the boy’s hands had swollen and got injured when he was struggling to untie himself. I immediately asked them to free him.

When he was brought to the hospital, doctors told us that his hands were badly infected and have to be amputated to prevent the infection.”