Read Ambibola Graig’s Experience With Brain Tumor

Skinny Girl in Transit star, Abimbola Craig is getting candid in an interview with Diary Of A Single Girl has she talks about her health, being single and future aspirations.

Abimbola in her interview revealed that she suffered from a tumor in her brain in 2014.

She said, “For pretty much all my life, I’ve always been overweight. My mum was always on my case about it but the truth is that I realize that when people are ready for something, they are ready. Nobody can force you into something. It’s a decision you have to come to for yourself and when you realize it, then you make the necessary steps to make the changes. So my mum was always on my case about my weight. But it took me having a brain surgery, -in 2014, I had a tumor in my brain- for me to realize that there is so much out there to live for. If I could live a healthier life, I could try. If it doesn’t happen, and I don’t reach whatever size it is, that’s fine. But I want to constantly be on this journey of healthiness.

“Four years prior to that, my dad had passed from cancer. And when I found out that I had a tumor, I wept. I was uncertain as to what this tumor meant. So for me to have come out of that, unscratched, mentally intact, nobody can tell me that it is me. It is crazy and unfathomable and I believe it can’t be anybody else.

“My mother calls me a miracle child. When I go for my yearly MRI checkup, she is like, “Bimbo, how do you go in and out of this MRI every year smiling and laughing?” I am tumor free, this is what would normally kill people but here I am, walking into MRI smiling in and laughing out. I can’t explain it, and for me, things that I can’t explain, I only attribute it to one thing and that is God!

“So now that I am healthy, I encourage a lot of women, be healthy. You are big, that’s fine. But just live a healthy lifestyle. Don’t just be big and sit down in one place. I keep telling them that. Which is why when certain people reach out to me in relation to plus size like “come and talk about this, come and talk about that”, I’m like, I don’t really know what to tell you.”

Abimbola also made it known that she wants to make it part of her to do list to get married.

“I personally want to get married. I have said it before and I’m saying it again, it isn’t my main purpose in life, one of my purposes, I believe, is to be a mother. And because of the morals that I have, I know that I cannot have a child, I choose not to, and by the grace of God, because it’s willpower, I will not have a child out of wedlock. I know I need to be married in order for me to be able to give birth to a child. So for me, marriage is important,” she said.

She made it clear that it has never been a pressure for her to get married but it has now in recent.

Abimbola said, “Recently, I’ve been putting pressure on myself. And the reason why is this; I am a check and balance kind of person. And two/three years ago, I didn’t care that much. But with life comes changes and I started developing myself better. So I feel like I’m trying to live a better life.

“Trying to lose weight, trying to feel better within, trying to speak good about people constantly, trying to be a better person. I’m at a point whereby I’m ready to show other people that as well; that I’m a good person. And when I mean people, I don’t mean just men and women alone. I believe you are what you attract. So I’m now like, “okay Bimbo, start to give good energy so that you can get good energy back. And hopefully, with that good energy brings the right person.”

But trying to get married doesn’t stop Abimbola from pursuing other projects in the future.She plans to continue acting and producing because she sees that a door has been opened for her.

She said, “In the past couple of months now, it’s something I have been reflecting on. I don’t know. The reason why I said I don’t know is that there are times in the past when I felt like I had structures and I knew where I was going and then the big guy up there just comes and surprises me. How far I thought Skinny Girl would go till now has not been up to me, God made this path possible. So I feel I will be ungrateful not to explore it.