4 Curious Highlights Of Day 44 At The BB Naija 2018 House


Day 44 at the BB Naija 2018 house had more drama outside the house than inside the house. The housemates were also given another task for the week, and it is the least expected.

These are the interesting highlights of the BB Naija 2018 house.

Chef Rico

We all know Big Brother likes to add spoke and provoke thought among the Housemates so one of his questions tonight was “who is the worst cook in the House”. While most Housemates said Teddy A and Nina, the flip side of this discussion resulting in Rico Swavey being crowned the King of the Big Brother kitchen with literally every single Housemate applauding his skills and bigging him up.

One Wish

As it is the halfway mark and the remaining Housemates happened to of lost their Wager, Big Brother posed an interesting thought – What would you ask for if you could ask for anything for the rest of your stay in the House? From Nina’s request for a phone so she could call her family and her boyfriend (Which raised a few eyebrows) to Teddy A wishing for an instrument and some studio time, the requests really got the Housemates thinking about life outside the House.

Longing for Leo

It is evident that Alex is still not feeling good at all after Leo’s Eviction from the House, she told Big Brother she is still unhappy and she thinks about him all the time. She is truly cut up but did improve throughout the evening as she tried her best to focus on the Nokia Task.

Be Silly

The task of the week was to be silly in the house. Some oft he housemates took it literally as housemates Teddy A played dress up and was later seen playing their makeshift table tennis game.

It was really fun to see the housemates relax while they reflected on their wager loss last week

The most interesting thing actually happened outside the BB Naija house when a video of ex-housemates Khloe and Leo laughing at a crying Alex surfaced. Though they cleared the rumor, the damage can be safely said to already be done.


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