Everything You Need To Know About Adebola Williams, ‘The Man With The Golden Touch’


Adebola Williams is described as the ‘Man with the golden touch’ by people around him because of his successful track in making presidents.

Debola’s connection in the business and entertainment industry can be unrivaled because he knows anyone that his somebody. Debola is a Nigerian media entrepreneur, journalist, political activist, motivational speaker, actor, a TV producer, and the co-founder of Red Media Africa.


So what do we know about Debola

1. Debola was born March 7th, 1986.

2. He was born to a wealthy family but when he was 10, his family lost everything and had to struggle.

3. All his life, he had always wanted to become an actor. He was featured in two soaps that never saw the light of the day. He was paid a paltry N100, thus he decided to quit.

4. He started working as an assistant with a counselor and a psychologist as a freelancer without any relevant qualification by which time he had chalked up 3 years worthy experience with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

5. Debola was able to start RED 2005 Media with partner Chude Jideonwo. They started the public relations firm from nothing and now it is one of the number one PR firms in the country.

6.He is the loquacious brain of the twosome behind the Future Awards: a platform created to celebrate uncommon talent, young entrepreneurs, and innovative skills.

7. He has succeeded in helping former President Goodluck Jonathan win his election in 2011 and also helped current Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari and current Ghanaian President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo win his 2016 election. This was what made Debola Williams a household name and parachuted his fame.

8. Debola Williams’ connection spans through several industries in Nigeria and is an influencer in the country.