Zimbabwean Opposition Leader, Tsvangirai, is Dead

The Zimbabwean main opposition leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, has reportedly died in a South African hospital after a battle with cancer.

According to a statement from a senior official of Late Mr Tsvangirai’s MDC party, the opposition leader who had for years battled with colon cancer, died at 65.

The MDC prty’s Vice President, Mr Elias Mudzuri told the press that Mr Tsvangirai, died yesterday evening and that his family broke the news to him.

Recall that Late Mr Tsvangirai had waged a long standing opposition political struggle against the former Zimbbabwean President, Robert Mugabe who was recently outsted from office.

Mr Tsvangirai in the course of his long opposition politics in Zinbabwe had  been imprisoned a number of time and in one occasion was beaten to a pulp.

The MDC party has aleady announced through its online portals that it has lost an icon and a fighter for democracy.

May his soul rest in peace.