Custom vs Fayawo Clash: 3 Shot dead Around Abule-Egba Axis In Lagos

Early this morning around 6:10 the unfortunate happened  has three male tricycle operators (keke Napep drivers) lost their lives in their attempt to seek for cover when a shooting  spree went wrong between Nigerian custom officers and the illegal offender group popular known as FAYAWO. According to my personal interview session with some of the tricycle operators they told me it happened around 10 minutes past 6 this morning has they were getting prepared for today’s work.

They also confirmed to me that the custom officers was involved in a car chase with this illegal group from Sango-Ota axis right until they got to the new Abule-Egba bridge and they both packed their vehicles and started shooting sporadically and not far away from the scene was the popular Abule-Egba garage where the tricycle operators stay and other commercial buses. In an instance people who were already out and about started running for cover and in the process three tricycle operators where hit in the cross fire. One was hit the face, the other in the neck region and the other in the chest region, two died on the spot and the last one died on his way to the hospital.

Right now at the moment i typed and reported this information there is pandemonium in that axis and surviving tricycle operators has gone on rampage to beat up any one they see in uniform. Unfortunately for a mobile police officer who happened to be heading to his work place at that time was used as a scape goat has he was repeatedly beaten and stabbed with broken bottles by some tricycle operators, I don’t know if the man died or survived because i wasn’t told but as at the time i left that area there was lots of police vehicles packed there and movement of vehicles have been halted.


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