Putin and Erdogan warns US over Jerusalem move

Russian President Vladimir Putin has finished a one-day three-country visit with a stop in Ankara. There he joined President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in condemning the US over Jerusalem.

Both cautioned the US that acknowledgment of the city as Israel’s capital will escalate more problems in the region.

“Russia perceives that any peace assertion must be based on past choices under UN. Particular points of interest on the status of Jerusalem is a subject for the immediate talks amongst Palestine and Israel,” said President Putin.

President Erdogan likewise denounced Israel over the current passings of Palestinians:

“Israel sees the current advancements as a chance to build pressure and brutality against Palestinians. It’s impractical for anybody with a conscience, small voice, ethics or standards to disregard these homicides.”

Putin’s visit which took in Syria and Egypt has featured Russia’s extending ties with key players in the Middle East.

The meeting between the two pioneers was their third in one month and the eighth this year. Talks additionally included advancements in Syria, reinforcing monetary ties and Turkey’s buy of a Russian-made missile defense system which has irritated NATO.

The S-400 missile system ought to be finished before the week’s over. Turkey has been consulting with Russia to purchase the missile for over a year now. Washington and some of its NATO partners see the choice as a reprimand on the grounds that the weapons can’t be coordinated into the alliance’s defenses.