(Breaking) Attempted Terror Attack Declared in New York after Explosion

The New York Police Department a while ago confirmed explosion near New York City NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Accordin to reports, 4 people including the suspect were injured in what has been described as an attempted terrorist attack.

Ambulances have already been deployed at the scene for evacuation of the injured while traffic has been diverted for a smooth operation.

In reaction to the incident, the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, told newsmen at the scene, that the choice of New York for attacks is for a reason and that is because New York is a beacon to the world which shows that a society with people of multiple faiths and  many background can work.

He said –

Lets be also clear, this was an attempted terrorist attack. Thank God, the pepetrator did not achieve his ultimate goals. Thank God our first responders were there so quick to address the whole situation, to make sure people were safe. Thank God, the only injuries we know at this point were minor.

But I agree 100 per cent with the Governor’s point that the choice of New York is always for a reason. Because we are a beacon to the world and we actually show that society of many faiths and many backgrounds can work. And we show that democracy can work. And our enemies want to undermine that. The terrorists want to undermine that. So, they yearn to attack New York City.

But New York City is blessed with the finest law enforcement, and what our first respondents did here today was another example of the ability to address a situation quickly, contain it, and make sure people are safe.



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