Palestinian Violence Instigator Shot Following Pronouncement of Jarusalem as Authentic Israeli Capital

The Isreali Army has confirmed its troops later today, Friday, December 8, shot two Palestinians whom they claim were instigating violent riots along the Isreali-Gaza border.

It was reported that violent riots have broken out as Palestinian youths mobilized to violently reject United President, Donald Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital city and plans to relocate American embassy there.

The United States Embassy in Israel currently located in Tel Aviv, however, plans are already in motion to relocate it to Jerusalem following President Trumps pronouncements.

On the shooting of the two Palestinians, a source within the Gaza area said that one of the victims, identified as Mahmoud al-Masri, 30, was killed.

Tension remains tense along the Isreali-Gaza border as the Arabs seems determined to use violence to reject the pronouncement of Isreal as the true Jewish capital.

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