Why IEDC is at War With Ikorodu Residents

Residents of Elegbede Ita Oluwo area of Ikorodu are currently in a showdown with men of the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IEDC) over mass disconnection of power supply to the area by the electricity distribution company.

According to reports, the problem started when some residents of the are beat up some staff members of the IEDC who were on routine disconnection of power from some houses.

It was alleged that the IEDC staff were beaten black and blue by the residents who were enraged by, according to them, very poor power supply and exorbitant bills.

They had lamented that once they refuse to pay the highly inflated bills, IEDC men would swoop on the area and disconnect their power supply.

However, after the beating up of the IEDC men, the power company mobilized and engaged in mass disconnection of the houses at the Elegbede Ita Oluwo area of Ikorodu as was attested to by a resident, Alhaji Akim Omodugba.

Tension remains high at the area as at the time of filling this report. However, it is hoped that a lasting solution will found to avoid breakdown of law and order in the area.


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