Why Robert Mugabe Resigned as Zimbabwean President


The embattled Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe has reportedly resigned shortly after the Zimbabwean parliament began an impeachment process to end Robert Mugabe’s 37 year rule.

Mr. Mugabe who lead his country in the fight for independence from Britain in 1980 and had ruled the country since yesterday, Tuesday, November 21, stepped down from power amidst pressure from Zimbabweans for him to resign.

It was reported that immediately the Speaker of Zimbabwean parliament announced Mugabe’s resignation, there was wild jubilation across the country.

Mugabe had in a letter to the parliament through his party, the ruling party ZANU-PF, said his decision to resign was voluntary.

He stated thus –

“My decision to resign is voluntary on my part.

It arises from my concern for the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe and my desire to ensure a smooth, peaceful and non-violent transfer of power that underpins national security, peace and stability.”

Meanwhile, all has been set for the swearing into office of the Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa to replace Mr. Mugabe as the President.



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