Meet One of Naija’s Talented Upcoming Musical Artiste Eugene Angel

Eugene Kede Mbida a.k.a Eugene was born and raised in Cameroon to a Nigerian father and a Cameroonian mother. He started singing at a tender age in the church which led to his desire to explore other aspects of music to maximize his talent and potential in the Nigerian music industry. He is a passionate guitarist, songwriter, and a strong lyricist.

Eugene has been making much waves in Cameroon, making Nigeria and Africa proud by killing so many underground shows in the French speaking African nations before coming to Nigeria to set the ball rolling for his career.
He has the new gene, that’s why we call him ‘Eugene’. His presence alone entertains. When he hears the sound of music, he transforms into a lyrical genius’. connect with him on social media and see what he is capable of.

FACEBOOK: @ugene777

INSTAGRAM: @ugene777

TWITTER: @ugene777
Mangement contact: +2348140615805/+2348134398320