Embattled President Mugabe Refuses to Step Down


The 93 year-old Zimbabwean President is currently under house arrest which started on Wednesday when top military officials seized power in what they claimed was a crackdown on criminal elements around the embattled President.

The opposition leader, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai, has also lend his voice to the call on the President to step down. In a statement made available to the media, Mr. Tsvangirai said that it was for the best interest of the President to resign honorably for he has since overstayed his welcome.

Situation in Zinbabwe has remained tense since President Mugabe’s house arrest. Meanwhile African leaders have condemned the military’s incursion into politics and have called on the military authority to resort back to democratic governance with immediate effect.

It remains to be seen how events in the economically battered Southern African country of Zimbabwe will unfold especially with Mugabe insistence to remain in power.