Shocking Report: Female Latina High School Teacher Sleeps With Her Male Students To Pass Them

A report from Channel 4 in Nicaragua is making global news. As per the local report, a teacher of Colombian origin – distinguished as Yokasta M. – was arrested.

The local media guarantees that Yakosta purportedly constrained her students to have intercourse with her or generally undermined to fail them.


The media reports say that the educator utilized interpersonal organizations to send photographs in which she wore short garments and postured suggestively to her students, with a specific end goal to entice and propose to them.

Yokasta then – as per a Channel 4 report – took them to her condo, under the guarantee that they would have decent evaluations in the event that they consented to have relations with her and satisfy her; in the event that they cannot, she threatens to fail them.

One of the parents acknowledged what was going on after she saw pictures of the teacher – meagerly dressed – being shared among the students.