Will Smith And Wife Said Tyrese Lied About Them Giving Him $5Million. So Who’s The Real Lair?

The Tyrese drama is getting more and more entertaining . . . and SAD. Recently, Tyrese revealed that Will and Jada were giving him $5 million to help offset his legal costs. As of Tuesday night, the couple had not yet wired the funds to Tyrese.

Here’s Tyrese still waiting for the check:

But Will and Jada told TMZ that Tyrese is lying. Look:

Tyrese claims Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith gave him a whopping $5 million so he could dig himself out of a financial hole from his custody case, but sources directly connected to both Will and Jada say it simply isn’t true.

Our Will and Jada sources say they did not give Tyrese any money at all.