Elementary School Secretary Arrested In Kansas Over Bomb Threat

Police in Kansas says an elementary school secretary was captured Wednesday regarding an email bomb threat that constrained a school area to wipe out classes and afterschool exercises more than two days sooner this week.

Claudia Rodriguez-Oviedo, 32, was being held in the Pratt County jail on felony charges of exasperated criminal risk and unlawful utilization of PCs.

In an announcement, police said staff individuals at Pratt High School got the danger from a phony email account Monday. Accordingly, Unified School District 382 scratched off classes at all schools Tuesday while law implementation authorities looked through all Pratt school offices. No gadget was found.

In a letter to the area’s parents, Suzan Patton composed that “late-night advancements” Tuesday prompted Rodriguez-Ovideo’s capture the next day. She didn’t expand on what those improvements were. Pratt Police Det. Jeff Ward said officers followed up on info” gotten through an agreeable investigation by school authorities and neighborhood law enforcement officers.”

Rodriguez-Oviedo had been recorded on the Pratt Public School’s site as a secretary at Southwest Elementary School. Her picture was evacuated following her arrest.