19 Year Old Girl Killed By The Same Man That Harasses Her Sexually Everyday At Work

A 19-year-old understudy at The Art Institute of Virginia Beach named Ashanti Billie was killed – by a vagrant who used to SEXUALLY HARASS her at her job.

Ashanti use to work as a cashier at the nearby BLIMPIE’s sandwich shop and the presumed KILLER went by the Blimpie’s the place Billie worked. Witnesses detailed Brown “endeavoring to flirt with Billie” on a few events. One witness said he made a “rough sexual remark” to her.

The presumed executioner is Eric Brian Brown, a 45 destitute veteran of the Navy. He was accused of kidnapping, the U.S. Lawyer’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia reported Wednesday.

Police say that they discovered Eric’s DNA on Ashanti’s body. Brown is destitute and “inhabits arbitrary offices and structures on and off the maritime bases,” prosecutors said.