Mr 2Kay sues Eko Hotel for N500 Million

Mr 2kay was on the 22nd of October burglarized at gunpoint in his hotel room, at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos.

After this shocking experience, the vocalist has chosen to slam a lawsuit of N500 million on the Hotel’s Management. In an announcement, pushed out by his record label, Graftin the occurrence occurred at around 11 PM on Sunday, October 22, 2017, amid the Buckwyld and Breathless show where he additionally performed.

The Thieves, 4 in number, gained entry into Mr. 2Kay’s room after he mistook them for room service. They constrained their way into his room and waved a weapon with threats to shoot him on the off chance that he made a commotion.

Mr. 2Kay, who was in the hotel with a companion, battled with one of the burglars, as the others punched and hit him with a weapon, over and over warning that they will shoot on the off chance that he doesn’t quiet down.

One of the burglars locked Mr. 2Kay’s companion in the washroom, while the others tied the vocalist’s arms, legs, and mouth and took his resources including gems, garments, scents, mobile phones, and cash. They additionally cut the room’s radio (telephone) to keep away from any type of correspondence as they cleared out the hotel.

The hotel experts and police have taken articulations for investigation, while Mr. 2Kay is getting therapeutic attention for his injuries. “I was very stunned when I got to Mr. 2Kay’s room the previous evening.

This was some person I watched performing a few minutes previously before what happened, happened. Anyway, the hotel manager and police are now investigating the occurrence and we trust they’ll catch the perpetrators at the earliest opportunity,” said James Silas, Manager of Grafton Records.

While Mr. 2Kay has declined to put forth any official expression on the issue, reports by LIB claims that the N500 million is relied upon to cover for his lost things, hospital bill and different harms that were not specified.

According to a source who spoke to LIB on the condition of anonymity, ‘Mr. 2Kay has vowed to follow this lawsuit all the way, and he will not rest until he is fully compensated for his loss and damages’.

The source likewise said that the management of Eko Hotel has been presented with the papers as of now and Police at the Bar Beach Station are as yet working round the clock to capture the guilty parties in charge of the assault.