Japanese man arrested after body parts where found in his apartment

A Japanese man has been detained Tuesday following portions of a dismembered body were discovered at a picnic cooler in his apartment, authorities said, although press reports stated portions of as many as nine bodies might have been found.

Authorities made the gruesome findings at the flat at Zama, a town just outside Tokyo, after investigating the disappearance of a 23-year-old lady earlier this season.

The girl had been viewed on security camera footage walking with a guy close to the flat, media reports stated. A police spokesman stated Takahiro Shiraishi, 27, was detained on suspicion of abandoning a human body, though it wasn’t clear whose body it was.

“Someone components were found in a picnic cooler, coated with kitty litter,” the spokesman said. It wasn’t immediately clear if the defendant had entered a request or need legal representation.

Kyodo news agency said the anonymous girl posted a message on Twitter stating she was searching for someone who’d die for her.

Police declined to comment on media reports regarding the number of bodies have been found at the home. Japanese media said that there were at least nine – eight girls and a guy.