Today in World History (September 17th)

On September 19, 1941, exactly 76 years ago today, over 30,000 Jews were killed in Kiev during the World War II when German General, Heinrich Himmler, a leading member of the Nazi Party and later Commander of the Replacement (Home) Army of Germany, sent four strike squads to exterminate Soviet Jewish civilians and other “undesirables.”

With the defeat of Germany towards the end of the war that claimed the lives of over 3 million Jews, in 1945, Heinrich Himmler committed suicide when being interrogated by the Second British Army in Luneburg.

He had attempted to escape from Germany with a false identity but was apprehended with a number of his men. He revealed his true identity to his captors but while being examined, he bit a cyanide pill hidden inside his mouth and fell to the floor. He was dead within 15 minutes.