Obasanjo speaks on Biafra, slams Buhari

 “The protesters do not even understand exactly what the battle is all about, but when it gives them false confidence, why don’t you hang on it? Allow the seniors manage it or dismiss it till it loses momentum. “There are seniors in almost any community that are still admired…

After all, they are their mothers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, and may nevertheless be used efficiently,” he explained. On federalism, ” Obasanjo stated he doesn’t think in it and that those speaking about devaluation and accurate federalism do not understand what they were referring to.

“I do not think in authentic federalism. What’s true federalism? Are they not liable? What abilities do they not have? The ex-soldier in a meeting using a Liberian-based news portal site, AfricanArgument, stated the agitators do not even understand exactly what the battle was all about. Obasanjo explained those clamoring to the disintegration of this country were simply awaiting a boat in the airport. He informed that when “youth empowerment, skill acquisition, and youth job — schooling is supplied the exploding bomb of feasible youth explosion from restiveness and anger may subside. In reality,” He also added, “In reality, say governors are somewhat more successful than the president. That is the fact.” “If anyone tells you that they need devolution or authentic federalism, he does not understand what he’s speaking about.