How I Escaped to Jos’, Explained Rearrested Ritual Killer

Dike the suspected ritual killer

The rearrested suspected ritual killer, Ifanyi Maxwell Dike, has explained how he escaped from police custody in Port Harcourt to Jos, Plateau State where he was eventually arrested.

Dike who explained that no police officer aided his escape as was widely alleged explained that he escaped from Port Harcourt to Jos where he enraged in a fight with an Hausa boy leading to their being arrested and eventual unraveling of his identity.

The suspect who was arrested for raping and killing eight-year-old Chicamso Mezuwuba, spoke while being paraded at the Rivers State Police Command headquarters, Moscow road Port Harcourt yesterday, Monday, September 11.


He said –

“It was late in the day, and when my IPO asked me to go inside the cell I used the opportunity to run away.

When I got to Jos, I was able to get better food to eat because I was very hungry. Where I stayed to get food to eat I was caught and later handed over to the Police.

At first, I was hiding my identity. But when I got fed up, I decided to give them my Aunty’s number. As soon as they called my Aunty, my Aunty called my IPO who now confirmed that I was the person.

I am a student of UNIPORT. When I got to Jos, I started hiding again even though I knew that nobody knows me there.

I was living inside an uncompleted building in that place but I could not endure anymore because I was hungry. I came out and somebody looked for my trouble.

The Hausa boy used something like a knife to cut my hand, out of anger I took a screw driver and stabbed him. That’s how they took us to police station.

When we got to the Police, I told the Police who I am but they did not believe me until I called one of my aunties that confirmed to them.

I know that what I have done is wrong. I know that the world is not happy with me but I want to say I am sorry.”

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