(Video) Calls for Oduduwa Republic Getting Stronger and Stronger

By all indications, it seems the call by the Yoruba for Oduduwa Republic is getting stronger by the day. Series of activities have taken place recently where the people of South-western Nigeria have discussed the issue of Nigeria with many coming to the conclusion that it is too late for the country to be restructured.

Recall that progressive minded Nigerians have for some time now argued that for the country to come out of stagnation and achieve fast development, there is need to restructure the country.

However, some people mainly from the North have rejected restructuring and insisted that the country must continue in its old ways whether good or bad.

The new development is that some who supported restructuring are now saying that it is too late for that. They want the different nations to go their separate ways so that those who want restructuring can implement it for their own people and those who do not can  continue with the old ways the way they want it.

See video below –